Let’s get real; glitter will never go out of style. The timeless, eye-catching look can be done with any color for any occasion and adds pop to any look, especially when used in a manicure. But what about glitter nail dip powder? How can you protect your precious glitter nails and prevent that rough feeling?

Keep reading to learn more about encapsulating this specialty dip powder.

What is Glitter Nail Dip Powder?

Glitter Dip Powders

Glitter dip powder is a unique type of nail powder that contains thousands of pieces of reflective glitter ranging from minuscule to large granules, depending on the finish. These glitter pieces are ‘floating’ in a normal dip powder of the same color to keep everything uniform and neat. In specialty colors that might feature multiple glitter types or hues, the powder base is often clear to avoid any color clashing.

Glitter nail dip powder is an excellent way to add some sparkle to your manicure in a simple and quick way, just like with any other dip powder. The application process varies if the glitter size is small or large. For small glitter granules, you would apply the powder just like you would with any other nail dip powder. If the glitter is chunkier and larger, you will want to press your nail perpendicularly into the nail jar to help lay the glitter flat instead of at an angle; if the glitter sticks up from the nail, it will snag on clothing, and you’ll likely accidentally scratch yourself (speaking from experience).

If you need more guidance in the chunky glitter application process, be sure to read our guide. If you want to use finer glitter, view our guide to dip powder at home.

Why Encapsulation is Important

Glitter dip powders are different from standard colors because they have a robust texture that can often be pronounced on the nail, especially if you use the 45-degree method instead of the perpendicular method. While texture is more common on chunky glitter, it’s not unusual for fine glitter to have a coarse feeling, too, especially when it comes to beginners at nail dip. This roughness can cause problems in day-to-day life by catching on fragile fabrics. The last thing you need at the end of a hard day is creating a huge run in your tights because your pointy glitter nails caught on the fabric. 

Encapsulation will not only reduce the feeling of this coarseness and create a smooth, flawless finish that you would get with a standard dip powder.

How to Encapsulate

Method 1

The best method to encapsulate glitter dip powder is by using a clear dip powder on top. After applying 1-2 layers (depending on the opacity of the glitter) of your chosen glitter powder, paint on another layer of base&bond and use a small spoon to scoop and pour clear dip powder overtop the glitter. This protecting layer will both smooth out any lumps and bumps and also make your manicure last longer by keeping the color safe from the elements. Once this layer is dry, use a brush to wipe off any excess powder and apply a layer of activator and wait 30-60 seconds. Your nail will look very cloudy; don’t worry, this is normal! Once cured, use a nail file to smooth out any bumps and then finish smoothing with a buffer. Brush away any excess powder. Apply another layer of activator (this is where the magic happens) and then two layers of gel top coat for maximum shine and protection.

Method 2

If you don’t have any clear dip powder, you can skip it and jump straight to a gel top coat. After applying 1-2 layers of your glitter powder, paint a layer of activator and wait for the nail to cure. Use a nail wipe to remove any excess activator to prevent your top coat brush from getting hard. Once the activator is dry, paint your first layer of gel top coat and cure. Paint another layer and cure again. Using just a top coat will not protect the glitter underneath as much as the first method, so we strongly suggest investing in a clear dip powder if you love glitter nails. 

Tips n’ Tricks

  • Wearing a plastic glove, after dipping your nail into the glitter perpendicularly, gently tap the glitter and press it flat to avoid lifting and glitter hanging off the edges of the nail.
  • Use Fairy Glamor glitter powders for maximum shine and strength.
April 06, 2022 — Fairy Glamor


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OMG, thank you so much for posting the tips on getting the glitter to be smooth! My hands and nail files thank you!

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