Orders are typically shipped within 1-2 days, however this can increase from 2-5 days depending on if the item is still on the way to our fulfillment center.

U.S. Residents: Around 2-5 days after it has shipped.

Shipping is FREE over $50 for U.S. residents. Otherwise, it is a flat $6.95.

Yes, we ship to over 200 different countries. However, we cannot ship our dip liquids overseas, due to regulations.

We use a fulfillment center in Fort Worth, Texas to ship orders for us. We ship them our products and then they handle the orders coming in.

For our subscription box colors, we ship out of our home in Galveston, Texas.


Many of our colors are made by hand out of our home in Galveston, Texas. We use a blender to mix our colors, and then we pour them into jars and seal them.

Acrylic powders are primarily made from acrylic polymers which is used in a wide range of products, and FDA approved. All of our ingredients have been approved by the FDA for cosmetic use.

No, we do not.

You can use either EMA monomer or our dip liquid system to apply your nail powders. You can find more information on how to apply dip nails here.

Dip nails last up to five weeks when applied correctly and should not chip, crack, or break off. You'll usually find that your nails grow too fast to keep your nails on for that long. You can expect to wear your nails around 3-4 weeks most of the time.

Dip and acrylic nails are both professional methods of application. They do not come off easily! This can be great if you want your nails to last a long time, but not so much if you want to remove them. Read our tutorial on how to remove dip and acrylic nails here.