With Black Friday right around the corner, we wanted to share a little info on how our biggest sale of the year will work.

As with our previous Black Fridays, we'll have a limited edition freebie color in our 1oz powder size, ONLY available on Black Friday. This color is NEW and not available anywhere (it's GORGEOUS!). The freebie will be available to all orders over $35+. Please make sure your cart totals $35+ after discounts. If you're cart is $35 and you add a coupon to bring your total to $25, the freebie will NOT be added to your order. We have a system in place that automatically adds the freebie to orders over $35.

black friday freebie dip nail powder

You do NOT need to add the freebie to your cart to get the freebie. Once you've ordered, we add the freebie to your shipment, so there's no need to do any work on your part. The freebie will NOT show in your cart or on your order page.

We do have a limited stock of the freebie. We tried to over estimate on how many purchases we would get for Black Friday so that we would have enough stock, but estimates can be inaccurate. If we run out of stock, your order will ship as normal but we will send you a $10 refund for your order as compensation for the missing freebie.

We'll also of course have our biggest discount of the year (30% OFF STOREWIDE). The discount will automatically apply to your cart. You cannot use other discounts when an automated discount is applied, UNLESS your discount gives you a higher discount amount. It will not let you replace the automated discount with a worse discount.

Thank you everyone for reading and we hope you enjoy grabbing your favorite shades for our biggest sale of the year. Merry Christmas everyone, from our family to yours!!

November 14, 2023 — Fairy Glamor
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Jennifer Bjornerud said:

I love doing my nails and when I started having an allergic reaction to gel I started dipping. Fairy Glamor is by far my favorite brand. Can’t wait to get the freebie and amaze everyone at work with the gorgeous color

Amy L said:

This is amazing! I can’t wait to order more of this amazing product from this amazing company! Thanks y’all! ❤️

Mareen said:

Can’t wait!! the freebie is so pretty, super excited to get it. I loved last years!

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