mesmerizing mermaids dip nail powder collection

It's time to 'seas the day' and hit the beach in style with the Mesmerizing Mermaids Collection! Featuring 6 mer-mazing nail colors: Mesmerize, Pearlescent, Siren Song, Seas the Day, Aurora, and Mer-Mazing.

We also brought back two special edition subscription box colors: Mermaid Tears and With a Splash for a limited time!

aurora color changing thermal

Pic: Aurora (color changer)

There are two specialty colors in this collection: Aurora (color changing), and Mesmerize (glow in the dark). We hope you love them as much as we loved making them!

The next collection... is VERY sparkly.


May 26, 2023 — Fairy Glamor

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Fairy Glamor designs unique 3-in-1 dip and acrylic nail powders in Galveston, Texas. We're a 100% family owned business that was founded in 2020 and went from making handmaking powders in our spare bedroom to shipping out of a big warehouse. We believe in both quality and affordability--that's why our powders are used by both professional nail technicians and in homes. Our unique colors are hand-designed to give you gorgeous manicures that'll make your nails feel magical.