celestial cosmos jars

Our all new Celestial Cosmos Collection is available now! We were very excited to work on a space themed collection--originally it was going to be called "galactic travelers" but the colors ended up much lighter than anticipated, so Celestial Cosmos seemed to fit better.

I know many of you were expecting a Valentine's themed collection but don't worry--we have that on the way as well.

I've been playing with a new lightbox/photography setup and so far I think it is coming out nicely. It's hard to balance space and lighting... our work room is sooo filled up with things like glitters, jars, and packaging supplies. We originally had a huge photography space but I had to condense it down to something much more manageable. I have such a newfound respect for photographers because taking pictures with proper lighting is so much harder than it looks. 

dip nail swatch for celestial planet

These colors ended up a little crazy! Celestial Planet's glitters are very translucent but the color changes from purple to green in the light, so it was difficult to get a good picture for it. 

I know we haven't been keeping up with the "news" section as frequently as we should be, so we'll be adding more updates consistently with new product releases and announcements. 

We hope you enjoyed this months collection and are always interested to hear what you'd like us to add next, so please let us know in the comments!

January 14, 2022 — Sydney Howe
Tags: new release

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