New Release: The Alchemist Collection!

New Release: The Alchemist Collection!

alchemist collection release

Our newest collection: The Alchemist is available now! Featuring 6 new color shifting dip and acrylic nail powders. These chunky glitters glitter brilliantly in the light and come in large 1oz jars.

Each powder in this collection is themed after common fantasy alchemist ingredients: Prismatic Dust, the "beauty" ingredient. Poison Ivy, the "annoyance" ingredient. Phoenix Tears, the "rebirth" ingredient. Spider Silk, the "mending" ingredient. Underworld (originally called Underworld Dirt, which sounded much less... pretty!), the "decay" ingredient, and Raven Feather, the "transformation" ingredient. 

Which color is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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