snow queen frozen winter dip nail powder collection

Become frozen royalty with our new wintery and glittery Snow Queen Collection. This kit contains the following six frosty dip and acrylic nail shades: Ice Palace, Snow Queen, Mirage of Frost, Brr-illiance, Frosted Tiara, and Crystal Crown.

This collection was really fun to design! Mirage of Frost was really hard to get right... we wanted it to be a lighter color but it ended up a dark maroon/purple and white. We don't usually do collections with limited color palettes (for instance, this collection is very blue!) but it's hard to keep things "wintery" without a lot of white and blue shades. 

We've got some REALLY funky collections (definitely some personal favorites, but I'm worried they'll be a bit too 'different' haha) for yal after Valentines day and some awesome new duos coming up.

Really excited to introduce them!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas holiday. We bought a new couch and now our Christmas tree won't fit anywhere (whoops...). So our presents are pretty scattered right now. But we have family coming to visit and we're super excited to see them over the holidays.

ANYWAYS! Have a Merry Christmas and we hope your nails look as beautiful as you are. 

- Sydney

December 15, 2023 — Fairy Glamor
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