Hello everyone! I wanted to do another update to clarify a few things and answer a few frequently asked questions/requests that we get, as well as announce a few upcoming changes to Fairy Glamor. I’ll get right to it!

Dip Liquid Changes

We’ve been collecting feedback from you guys on a few things. I know our dip liquid system isn’t necessarily conventional (as we include a gel top coat that requires a UV light) and there’s been some confusion that surrounds this.

Here’s some of the feedback we’ve got:

  1. Want dip liquids to be sold separately.
  2. Don’t like gel/matte top coats.
  3. Confusion around whether a UV light is needed.
  4. Want HEMA free dip liquids.

Now obviously, I’m focusing on the negative feedback because that’s where we can improve! There’s been plenty of happy feedback as well (many people like the gel top coat better than the dip liquid top coat because it’s glossier).

So, while we obviously can’t make everyone happy, we can still try and make most people happy. This is where our changes come in.

 new dip liquids design fairy glamor

This is a mockup of our new dip liquid set design. I had a lot of fun designing them! They are still close to the original design, with holographic wings on the sides, but I wanted to differentiate the bottles better, so we added custom colored caps.

You might be thinking… “but, how can you use the base as a top?”. Some people don’t realize this, but most dip companies sell the dip base and the dip top coat separately, however they are the same liquid. I mean it makes sense—you’ll run out of dip liquid quickly if you don’t have two bottles of it.

I personally prefer the gel top coat, but everyone likes something different! Which is why our dip liquid set will include both the gel top coat, and the dip top coat—so you can apply with a UV light, or without a UV light. We also included instructions on the back to clarify the distinction and make it easier on you guys when you’re new to the dip world.

You also may have noticed that our old matte top coat and vitamin oil aren’t in the picture. We’ve heard your feedback and frustrations on having to buy the entire set, even when you didn’t want to use the matte top coat. So we removed the matte top coat and vitamin oil from the equation. I don’t know when our matte top coat will be coming back, and we don’t have any plans as of this moment. However, for the vitamin oil, we’ve teamed up with Candi Skin Care, who makes fantastic handmade, custom scents, to bring you guys some amazing new nail oils. We don’t have those yet, but they’re in the works!

As for our new dip liquid formula, they are still 21-FREE, but now also do not contain HEMA. We were contacted by many people that requested HEMA-free liquids as it seems to sometimes cause “dip flu-like” reactions on some people. But don’t worry—our liquids have been thoroughly tested, and still work just as good (if not better!). In particular, our old activator was not as strong as it could have been. “Cure & Dry” works the same as our previous “Activator” liquid, however it’s much stronger (albeit, stronger smelling) and works faster.

To address the requests that we sell our dip liquids separately (and not in a set): I wish we could offer this, but we cannot at this time. The shipping warehouse that we work with requires all liquids to be boxed and sealed in a bag, and we would manually have to do that for every single liquid bottle (which is very time consuming and costly). Maybe sometime in the far future though!

Our new dip liquids will also come with custom packaging this time (like in a plastic box you would see on store shelves). I’m excited to see how that turns out and hope you guys will like it.

As for when they will be available—it won’t be for another month or two when production will finish. It’s getting near the holidays and factories are unfortunately backed up with orders. I’ll be sure to send an email out when the new liquids become available.

Restock Information

You may have noticed that a lot of our colors have gone out of stock. We ran out of jars this month (more on the way with a slightly updated design). It’ll be another month till we get our custom jars in. So I’ve been speaking with manufacturers, trying to find a nearby factory that can get us non-printed jars, quickly. It took a while, but we finally have temporary jars arriving this week—however they aren’t our pretty, custom pretty jars. They’re blank. So, we had a sticker company print some sticker designs that we’ll be putting on the jars (same label as our other jars). The temporary jars are of similar quality to our usual ones, but they won’t be custom printed. I really hate to be inconsistent with the branding quality, but I really couldn’t think of anything else to do. At least it is temporary.

We’ll be working hard over the next two weeks to get colors back in stock (particularly, the Halloween colors and new Autumn Collection) so please keep an eye out for restock notifications. We’re sorry for the wait!

New Group Page

I’ve been meaning to make an official group page for Fairy Glamor for a while now, and it has finally been added! It’s a private group, so you’ll need to request access first (we usually accept member requests within a day or two). The group is for meeting new people, discussing manicures, posting pictures… just have fun with it! If you see Laura around, please say hi to her—she was kind enough to offer to help moderate the page.

dip and acrylic powder mockup

blue glitter nail powder

New Hand Mockups

I'm always trying to think of ways to make the shopping/browsing experience better for you guys. I know that as a buyer myself, it's sometimes hard to determine how a color will really "look" when on a nail. So I spent a lot of time creating a mockup where I can quickly add swatches to a hand, that way I can create a "somewhat" realistic hand featuring each color. It's obviously not perfect, but I hope it helps at least a few people visualize the colors better. I'm slowly trying to add this mockup to each color's product page. TIP - You can swipe right on mobile when looking through the color lists to see the second photo (or hover on desktop)!

New Glitter Sizes, Shapes, Textures and Foils

I'm very excited to introduce our new glitters to you all! While we definitely haven't used all of our current glitters yet, I went a little overboard designing and choosing the new ones. We'll have an entirely new line of mixed glitter flakes in a variety of finishes (holographic, transparent...), new foil flakes, new colors, and especially new sizes. While I personally love the chunky glitters, I know many of you avoid them because the larger glitters can be a little tricky to work with (which I completely understand!). So I'm excited to add some new glitters with mixed sizes, but smaller shapes that are easier to apply with the dip method. Production has started this month so they should be available near the end of October.

Thank You!

Anyways, I think that’s mostly it. I hope I answered some of your questions about the new dip liquids! Do you like the new dip liquids? What do you think of adding the new hand mockups to every color?

Stay glamorous and have a great week <3

September 06, 2021 — Sydney Howe
Tags: dip nails news


Michelle said:

Do you know when the Zodiac Collection will be in stock?

Jana said:

For people who have had allergic reactions, have you found that your liquids are less irritating/reactive? Are your powders also HEMA free?

Monique Lagacy said:

I have to say I loved your old dips. My Daughter and I have been using them. She was having trouble with her nails breaking and just popping off until we started using your dips and she hasn’t had a problem since. So I’m very hopeful that she will continue to have the same results with the new ones.

Mallory Mirenda said:


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