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Hi everyone! We haven't been the best at staying updated with our news page, so I wanted to take this time to write a little more about what we're currently working on and what you can expect these upcoming months. I'll try to get better at updating our news page so that you have somewhere you can go to see what we're working on. I get a lot of questions about what its like running a small business as well, so I hope to somewhat alleviate that curiosity as well.

This won't be a particularly "professional" written update. It's just me talking to you (Sydney Howe).

As many of you know, Fairy Glamor is a new professional nail powder business that opened up this 2021. So we're fairly new and getting the hang of a lot of different aspects of running the business. Right now, it's just me doing everything (with the help of my fiancé and one of his cousins!) so I'm handing everything from our website design, advertising, graphic design, product design, customer service, shipping, copywriting, social media... literally everything you see, is me! It might sound like a lot (it is, haha) but I do this full time and I love what I do, so it doesn't feel like work to me. However! I only have so many hours in the day and I'm trying to be as efficient as possible. Please don't ever be offended if I don't respond to you on social media. I really try to talk with everyone when I can, but I'm already struggling with juggling all these tasks so I hope you can understand. I will sometimes even read messages, get distracted, and forget to respond. This happens frequently.

If you ever need me, please ready out at Sydney@fairyglamor.com anytime. It's much easier for me to respond to messages when they are all going to one place!

 fairy glamor halloween shipping box

Our NEW Halloween shipping box, inserts, and colors will be released soon!

I honestly wasn't sure how early to release our Halloween items, but looking at other businesses, apparently you're supposed to release them pretty early! I even see some people releasing Christmas items already, which is kind of crazy.

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, so I spent an extra....extra amount of time (and money, cough..) getting these colors made as well as our new Halloween packaging. I'm a huge sucker for pretty boxes when I buy things, so it only makes sense that we offer them. Due to cost restraints we can only offer one box size, which means that if you order an abundance of powder (over 12 jars) your jars won't fit in the box. Or if you order one or two jars, you won't get the box. Essentially... the range is 3-12 jars. Or one dip liquid set plus 6 jars will fit. I don't want to disappoint anyone that doesn't get the pretty box, but we can't afford to have 3 different boxes of varying sizes right now. Maybe in the future, though!

Upcoming Spooktacular Halloween colors will release August, 30th.

I know I haven't been the best at letting you guys know when colors will be released, or even giving you a heads up. We will try to get better at this and start sending release emails sooner. 

Here's our list of upcoming Halloween colors!

  1. Witches Brew
  2. Pumpkin Guts
  3. Candy Craving
  4. Happy Halloween
  5. Monster Mash
  6. Going Batty

Now, remember how I mentioned earlier that we were a new business and I have to handle pretty much everything? Well, I'm still learning how to do inventory management and keep track of inventory flow. Unfortunately (and fortunately?) we did run out of our powder jars. I have more in production but they won't be done until the end of September. This means that after our Halloween colors, we won't be able to release new colors until the end of September. It also means that our Halloween collection in particular does not have as many jars available as our other collections, because we had to set jars aside for our subscription box peeps. We will more than likely run out of Halloween colors and while I'd love to make more, we just won't have enough jars to do so. No worries, though! We'll be sure to release the same collection next year along with some new Halloween colors.

halloween dip nail polish sub box

Our Halloween Dip Nail Powder Subscription Box Releases September, 13th.

Our new dip nail powder subscription box has been more popular than I could have ever imagined and I want to thank everyone so much for subscribing. I'm already super excited to ship out everyone's Halloween colors and have a few colors in mind!

I'm always reading your reviews and taking in feedback whenever I can. It helps me grow and understand you guys better! 

Here are some of the feedback points we received from our first sub box:

  1. Liked the colors, but wanted them to coordinate better.
  2. Packaging wasn't bad, but wasn't exciting, either.

I've taken a few steps to improve our packaging solution. For Halloween in particular, the packaging will be more themed. All future sub boxes will also receive a coupon insert that contains an exclusive coupon code for you to use throughout the next 2 months on every order you place. This coupon is only available to subscription box users.

I know many of you prefer to receive a box over a bubble mailer for your subscription box. I have thought about a lot. Our products are very small in size and none of the U.S. packaging manufacturers offer custom box small enough to fit our sub box products (which is 2x2x4"). It is also very expensive to order custom packaging, $1-2/box. Our sub boxes are only $24.95 plus free shipping, so they are already quite cheap. Adding the extra packaging cost is not viable for us right now. 

There are a few other reasons that we use bubble mailers. Bubble mailers allow us to add things like promotional inserts, additional items (like nail stickers), and any other items we'd like to add. Using a custom box would prevent us from adding these items because it would be too small.

It's also much faster for us to package everyone's orders in bubble mailers. Boxes take three-times as long to assemble. When it's just me and my fiancé doing all those boxes, it gets really tough!

However! I completely understand the need for pretty packaging. Trust me, I get it and I'm a sucker for it myself! I've already purchased our new packaging supplies for the next box that I hope you guys will enjoy much more. I really want to surprise you guys with every box and I hope to achieve that.

As for the sub box colors, since our sub box only contains two colors, there needs to be a balance between coordinating the colors, while also making the colors unique and different enough from one another (and from our other colors). Our Halloween sub box will follow this goal. I know many of you like to stack your colors (IE. Do a single base color and then overlay with glitter) so from now on, our sub box will contain one chunky or regular glitter + one solid or shimmer color. That way you can use the colors together much easier!

 Thank you for reading this update!

 And that's all I have! There's a few other items that I'd like to go over in another post (changed to our dip system!) so keep an eye out for that. Thank you all for your interest in Fairy Glamor and again, reach out by email if you ever have questions. I hope you have a glamorous day!


August 24, 2021 — Fairy Glamor
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Liz said:

Thanks for the update. I’m excited for the subscription box, it’ll be my first one. I like the idea of coupons in sub boxes. Even though we sign up for rewards it looks like you can only redeem 1 dollar coupon for the rewards. Not sure if you can redeem for more if you have double/triple/ect the points needed for 1 dollar off. The anticipation for news on dip liquids is killing me. Hope it will allow us to buy the liquids separately or in a smaller batch (ex: just the base and activator) then the top coats separately and vitamin oil separately. I’m personally not a matte person so I might not ever use that one. I’m sure other people would use it though:). You’re doing a great job either way:)

Dawn Ashby said:

Your colors are amazing. I am excited to help you build your business lol Everything was so easy to use. I choose colors that worked well together. My first subscription box colors ate magic!

Allison said:

Hi! Can’t wait! We’re in austin! Just here to plug my sister who is an amazing copywriter with decent prices. Her website is pamelaharveycopy.com you should check her out! Love your products!


Jen said:

I received my box and am very happy with the size of the jars and quality of the product. The glitter (large size) can get a little bulky on the nail but after filing and top coat it’s not bad. Maybe a little little less glitter in each jar? Overall very happy and love the colors. I’m happy

to support a small business like myself.

Isabella said:

Hello! Thanks for the updates! I’m really looking forward to the Halloween dips and the sub box. Thank you for having the grace to accept the feedback regarding the sub boxes. And I truly appreciate the steps you’ve taken to keep improving them. Have a good day!

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