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Founding Fairy Glamor

Fairy Glamor was founded in Galveston Texas by Sydney Howe--Product Engineer and acrylic nail enthusiast. Years were spent perfecting the idea and formulating a unique powder that worked perfectly for both dip and acrylic nail systems. In 2020, we found a manufacturer and our product was finally brought to life. We now work out of our home shipping Fairy Glamor products, chatting with customers, and designing crazy new color ideas and styles.

The Fairy Formula

When we first envisioned Fairy Glamor, we knew we didn't want to be like everyone else. We didn't want to slap a label on a any-old product and call it a day. We wanted to create a product that we loved and could be proud of.

Our original goal was to create a formula that would help nail technicians and nail salons. To do this, we knew our product had to be fast, efficient, and high quality. The packing had to be sturdy, the product needed to work (and work well!), and we had to offer a variety of options at an affordable price.

I'm proud to say we accomplished all of our original goals, and then some! Fairy Glamor offers over 130+ unique color options, all of which can be used for both dip and acrylic systems. We have crazy cool colors like glow in the dark, chrome, holographic, color changing, and more.

Nail salons and technicians can now purchase all of our colors and Fairy Glamor system at a bulk price, giving them everything they need to start a professional nail service. No more buying both acrylic and dip systems separately, or having to search for additional colors to add to your collection. 

Looking Toward the Future

Our goals with Fairy Glamor will always be to strive for high quality, lasting nail products. Ultimately, we would like to expand our product line to encompass more than 500 different colors (possibly too much glitter! We love glitter...). We love to hear what colors you're looking for or having a hard time finding, so please email us anytime at info@fairyglamor.com (emails go straight to the owner!).

Currently, we ship all products out of our house and home (which only has so much space for inventory... getting crowded in here!). One day we dream of renting an air-conditioned warehouse nearby so we have more room for product storage.

Any future plans we have will go on our dip nail blog and social media channels, so if you're ever interested in what products we're going to add next, please do follow us on there. We have regular giveaways as well!

Spilled pink dip nail powder jar

Our powder is ground extremely fine. This creates a more "even" finish and increases wear-time.

Finger dipping in pink dip nail acrylic powder
hot pink nail powder jar held by pink fingernails

Hello! This is me (Sydney) and our "facilities" where we store inventory and ship everything.

Meet The Owner: Sydney

My goal with writing here is to give you an idea of who I am and what Fairy Glamor stands for. I'm an introverted dork that loves computers, reading books, playing video games, watching anime, and of course, doing my nails. I used to be ashamed of how I looked and my geeky personality for a long time. It took me like... 25 years to accept myself and be proud of what I liked. 

I've never been a very glamorous person. Makeup was never something I enjoyed because I never liked taking photos or honestly even looking in the mirror. Even nail polish wasn't enjoyable to me because it never lasted more than a day (when you're clicking away at a keyboard all day you're nails don't last very long!).

I still remember the first time I tried dip nail powder. I'd gone to a salon with a friend of mine and they were offering a "safer" version of acrylic powder that didn't damage your nails. I tried it and fell in love. For the first time I actually felt glamorous. I could look down at my sparkly long nails and feel like a dang superstar! It was awesome.

After that, I knew I wanted to create my own formula and started researching in college on how to do it. I knew I'd need a good chunk of money but being the typical broke college student, I was short on cash. So I started doing freelance web development for other businesses and learned a lot about creating products, websites, advertising, financing... the whole shebang. A few years later I had enough money to finally go "all in" on manufacturing Fairy Glamor. 

It's been 5 years in the making but I'm extremely excited and proud to present Fairy Glamor to you all. I want everyone out there to feel as awesome and glamorous as they 100% should, every single day, no matter your religion, skin color, sexual preference, gender, appearance, or anything else. Just be you and stand proud!

Thank You for Making This Possible!

Thank you so much for your interest in Fairy Glamor. We really hope you love our products as much as we do and are always looking to improve. Without you, NONE of this would be possible and we are forever grateful for that. If you need help or have any suggestions for us, you can contact us anytime at info@fairyglamor.com. Thank you again and have a wonderful, glamorous day!

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