A family-owned business

Fairy Glamor started off as a small dream, but quickly grew into one of the fastest growing nail companies in the United States. Founded in 2021 by engineer (and nail enthusiast) Sydney Howe--Fairy Glamor is both a family-owned, and woman-owned business.

We never expected to grow as fast as we did, but we're extremely happy to be creating colors for so many people. We believe your nails can express your inner personality in fun, fashionable ways, and can add a little magic to your day.

Our Fairy Formula

When we first envisioned Fairy Glamor, we knew we didn't want to be like everyone else. We wanted to create professional quality powders at affordable prices, while still offering the crazy unique colors that our customer's love.

We're proud to say we accomplished all our original goals. We now ship all over the world and offer competitive pricing and services from our small town in Texas, USA.


Join thousands of other fairies at our Facebook Group Page. Post photos, ask questions, and enjoy sharing your mani-tips with other nail powder enthusiasts.