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Dating back to the 1950’s, it’s safe to say that acrylic nails are the most popular form of nail enhancement, aside from polish. And though nail polish is often done at home, acrylic nails are typically left to the professionals. In recent decades, new nail enhancements have joined the scene, such as dip and gel. With more options, which also claim to be long lasting and durable, are acrylics still worth it? Let’s discuss.

Benefits of Acrylic Nails.

One of the biggest perks of acrylic nails is the ability to add length. Excessively long nails as well as unique shaped nails are on trend, and without acrylics, many of these trends would be unachievable. Most of us are unable to grow out our nails an inch or so beyond the nailbed, and thanks to acrylics we don’t even need to try. If you prefer to add length to your nails, then acrylics are probably a good choice for you! Here's a quick breakdown of the perks of acrylic nails.

  • Lasts 3-5 Weeks.
  • Can be shaped and molded.
  • Can be used for nail art designs.
  • Can be blended.
  • Can be used to increase the length of your nail with forms.
  • Relatively cheap for the quality.
  • Lots of colors to choose from.

Cons of Acrylic Nails.

Though acrylic nails have their perks, they also have their downfalls. One such fault of acrylics is their inflexibility. They have very little give, and considering how long they last, it’s not uncommon for an acrylic to break. Gel and dip don’t appear to have this problem, as they are where durability and flexibility meet in the nail world. Not only is a broken acrylic unattractive, but it’s a nuisance to have fixed, not to mention the potential for additional cost. Since gel and dip are more flexible, acrylics aren’t worth it in this case. Here's a quick breakdown of the cons of acrylic nail powder.

  • Hard to apply on your own nails.
  • Expensive at nail salons.
  • Hard to remove.
  • Can damage your nails.
  • Takes a lot of practice to learn.
  • Requires monomer, a chemical with a strong smell.
  • Inflexible and don't feel natural.
  • Messy application process, especially while learning.
  • Difficult to repair when broken.

how much do acrylic nails cost

Price of Acrylic Nails.

On the topic of the cost of acrylic nails, we must address the downfall that is cost. Acrylics aren’t cheap. In reality, no trip to the nail salon is. However, in the case of acrylics, you essentially have to go to a professional. At home gel and dip is absolutely doable, but the same can’t be said about acrylics. If you want to do it yourself (which probably isn’t a great idea in the first place), you’d need to invest in professional equipment. In the long run, acrylics are significantly more expensive than all other nail enhancements, given that they’re the only one not commonly done at home. Once again, we don’t think acrylics are worth it in terms of cost, which can be anywhere from $60-$120 a set if done professionally.

Here's an easy to read breakdown on what you can expect an acrylic set to cost:

  • Total at nail salon: $60-120.
  • Total at home: $35-70.
  • Acrylic powder: $10-20.
  • Monomer: $5-15.
  • Kolinsky acrylic brush: $20-40.
  • Nail extensions or tips: $5-20.
  • Acetone for removal: $5-15.

So Are Acrylic Nails Worth it? We Think Yes, and No.

As you can see, we don’t think that acrylic nails are worth it in terms of cost. Nail enhancements are great, but acrylics are now outdated compared to its competitors. Even though acrylic nails allow you to add length to your nail and experiment with trends in that regard, their inflexibility is an unattractive, expensive nuisance, and getting them done professionally every few weeks will break the bank. Instead, we suggest going with gel or dip nails, as you can do these yourself or treat yourself to a trip to the nail salon, and you’ll end up with a better outcome.

If you're looking for an alternative for acrylic nails, why not give Fairy Glamor a try? We're a 2 in 1 nail powder system that can be used for both dip and acrylic nails, so you don't have to make a choice! Try both and see which application you like more.

Have you tried dip and acrylic nail powder? Which application do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

April 18, 2021 — Fairy Glamor
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