We get this question quite frequently because people are generally confused as to what the difference between dip and acrylic powder is. They look the same. Feel the same. But do they apply the same? Can you use dip powder with acrylic monomer? We're here to answer that question!

What is the difference between dip and acrylic powder?

While dip and acrylic powder are made up of similar ingredients, their chemical compositions and ratios are different. Most dip and acrylic powders include a key ingredient called acrylic ester polymers, however their additional ingredients are (typically) different. Dip powders include ingredients that help it bond to dip glue (base and bond) liquids while acrylic powders do not. 

Can you use acrylic powder with dip glue?

The short answer is yes, kind of. Because acrylic powders lack the ingredients that help the powder stick to the glue, it won't stick as well. You can expect to do around 4-5 dip coats if you're using acrylic powder instead of dip powder.

Can you apply dip powder as an acrylic?

Similarly, dip powder can "kind of" be used with acrylic monomer. So yes, you can use dip powder as an acrylic. The consistency of the powder will not be as easy to work with as a normal acrylic powder would be, however it is still do-able. 

What is two in one dip and acrylic powder?

Two in one dip and acrylic powder is considered the best of both worlds. It's formulated to work with both dip glue and acrylic monomer systems. So if you enjoy switching between dip and acrylic applications (like I do!) you should check out a 2 in 1 system like our dip and acrylic powders by Fairy Glamor.

Conclusion: You can 'kind of' use dip powder as an acrylic.

Thanks for reading! Let us know in the comments if you prefer dip or acrylic powder, and why you like it :) 



March 30, 2021 — Fairy Glamor
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