activator for dip nails

Do you need activator for dip nails?

Yes, you need activator for your dip nails if you want them to last a long time. The activator liquid contains a chemical that is used to cure and harden the powder. If you do not use activator, your powder will break apart much faster and chip easily.

What is activator for the dip powder system?

Activator is the usually the second or third step in applying dip powder nails. It is made from several chemicals whose main purpose is to cure dip powder. Dipping powder contains an active UV ingredient that will react with the activator liquid. Think of activator like a UV lamp for gel nails—it is a similar chemical reaction.

Here are the usual steps for applying dip powdered nails:

  1. Apply base and bond liquid.
  2. Dip nail into powder.
  3. Brush powder off.
  4. Apply base liquid.
  5. Dip nail again into powder.
  6. Brush excess powder away.
  7. Apply activator liquid.
  8. Then apply choice of topcoat.

What will happen if I do not use activator for my dip nail powder?

If you do not use activator to cure your powder, it will break more easily. If you have trouble getting your dip nails to last a long time, then consider using more activator, or even using activator between each dip coat.

What if I don’t have any activator? What can I use as an alternative to activator for dip nails?

If you do not have any activator handy, you can try using a clear gel top coat between dip coats and then cure with a UV lamp. Many gel top coats contain similar ingredients to activator liquids, just in smaller quantities.

Another option is to use rubbing alcohol or acetone, which will help soften and meld the powder together.

In conclusion, yes you need to use activator for dip nail application.

Without using activator for your dip nails, you risk your nail powder not lasting nearly as long as it could. Other than that, there is no risk to not applying your activator liquid. Maybe you’ve found out you’re allergic to it, or whatever your reasons are for not using it.

Have you ever had trouble applying activator before? What do you use as an alternative? Let us know in the comments!

May 05, 2021 — Fairy Glamor
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