what is the activator step for dip nails

So what is nail activator for dip nails?

If you’re at all familiar with dip nails, you’ve probably heard about the activator. If you haven’t, you’re probably now wondering what it is. Dip, gel, and acrylic nails all need to “cure” so that they’ll harden as necessary, which is what makes them last so much longer than traditional nail polish. For acrylics, a chemical ingredient in the mixture is what causes it all to cure, and for gel nails it’s a UV light that solidifies the nail. So, what is this activator for dip nails like?

Dip nails don’t use things like a UV light to harden and cure the powder into a tough, durable nail, because they use this liquid activator instead. It looks similar to clear nail polish and brushed on just as polish or gel are. It is applied in alternating layers with the dip powder, as the powder is what brings in the color. Activator is a great way to cure the nail enhancement since it doesn’t pose any health threat like the UV lights in gel manicures do. Another perk to activator is that it’s quick. You won’t be waiting around waiting for it to dry, as the process only takes a minute or so. When it comes to curing nails, activator is definitely the winning choice.

What is Nail Activator Made out of?

If it weren’t for activator, dip nails would just be fingers coated in powder, and it would probably rinse off. Who wants that? No one. It’s the activator that makes dip so appealing as opposed to acrylic and gel, as it’s quick and non-threatening. We’re definitely grateful that nail activator for dip nails exists!

April 24, 2021 — Fairy Glamor

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