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Dip nails at home vs. dip nails at the salon

Dip nails can be an expensive or cheap hobby, depending on if you enjoy going to the nail salon or would rather do them at home. While the nail salon is always a fun and pampering experience, the cost of getting your nails done every month can really add up. So how much do dip nails actually cost? We compared both at home dip manicures and nail salon prices to give you a better idea of which option is best for you.

Dip nail prices at the salon vary depending on how expensive the nail salon or nail technician is. A licensed nail tech will usually cost more than nail salon prices. You can expect to pay between $50-$120 for a licensed nail technician, or around $40-$80 for nail salon prices. These prices include your basic dip manicure with maybe a few embellishments added here and there.

Dip nails at home are a different story. The upfront cost of buying the necessary tools to do dip nails at home is usually around the price of a single manicure at a nail salon, around $40-$50. You'll need a high quality dip liquid set, nail powder, and a removal system at the very least. We go over a more detailed breakdown below.

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Cost Breakdown of Getting Your Dip Nails done at the Salon.

  • $40-$80 for a basic set.
  • Additional $10-20 for tip extensions.
  • Additional $15-$50 for nail art.
  • Add $10-20 if you need your previous dip set removed.
  • Add $20-$50 for any spa features (such as lotions, massage, etc.).

Problems with Getting Dip Nails at the Nail Salon.

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Poor Dip Nail Sanitation Practices at the Nail Salon.

Another issue with getting dip done at nail salons is poor sanitation practices. As it currently stands, many nail salons have all of their patrons dipping their fingers into the same pots of dip powder. This contact leaves bacteria in the jar, which can be passed from person to person and has cause infections. Ideally, powder would be separated out and used for one patron, and the left over would be thrown away, but unfortunately this is uncommon. When you do your nails at home, you don’t have to worry about risking an infection due to sharing materials with strangers. Applying dip yourself is definitely more hygienic than getting it done at a salon.

Time Consuming Salon Visit.

One thing none of us ever seem to have enough of is time. We’re all so busy these days, that we must be incredibly careful and conscious of how we spend the 24 hours we get each day. Stopping by a nail salon for dip isn’t usually the quickest or most convenient nail enhancement option, which is another reason why it’s nice to do it yourself. You don’t have to worry about getting an appointment, what days and hours they’re open, or any kind of commute when you’re your own dip nail artist. You can do it in the evening while you watch your favorite show, or whenever works for you. At home dip is undoubtedly more convenient than getting it done at a nail salon.

Less Dip Nail Color Variety at the Nail Salon.

Although nail salons have a vast collection of dip, they don’t always have exactly what you need. Doing dip at home means you have the opportunity to purchase the exact colors you want, so there’s no worry regarding accidentally grabbing a color you dislike, or not finding just the right one.

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How much do Dip Nails Cost if you Do Them at Home?

Doing your dip nails at home costs much less than getting them done at a salon, however there is a higher startup cost associated with purchasing all the necessary materials needed to start your own "at home" salon.

Here are the basic tools you'll need to apply your dip nails at home, and how much they typically cost.

  • Manicure Tool Kit ($10-30).
  • Dip Liquids Kit ($30-100).
  • Nail Buffer ($5-50).
  • Dip Nail Powder ($10-20).
  • Acetone for Removal ($5-15).
  • (Optional) Nail Dehydrator ($5-15).

As you can see, the startup costs you need to start doing dip nails at home isn't cheap. However the basic tools you need to get started do end up costing less than a single nail salon visit, so in the end, it's worth it to learn how to do dip nails yourself. Not to mention a single jar of nail dipping powder can be used over and over again for over 30+ manicures, so once you have the tools you need, you're professional manicure only ends up costing around $2-3 a manicure when you do your dip nails at home. That's a pretty darn good deal!

Do your Dip Nails at Home and Save Money.

To us, there’s really no way around it- with dip nails running $40-$80 at a salon, it’s best to do them at home. Not only will you save money, but it’s more sanitary, saves time, and provides a more personalized experience. If you're looking for a dip nail powder to try, why not Fairy Glamor

How much do your dip nail salon visits usually cost? Let us know in the comments!

April 21, 2021 — Fairy Glamor
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