is dip powder better than gel

One of the latest trends in the nail world is dip powder. It’s similar to gel, but the two definitely have their differences. To the naked eye a nail with dip powder and a nail with gel might look the same, but they’re created differently and operate differently. So is dip powder better than gel? While gel uses a polish-like liquid and UV light, dip is done by alternating layers of the powder itself and a chemical activator. Since their sources are unique, they tend to behave differently, which poses the question, which is better? In our opinion, dip is the winner, and here is why.

  1. Dip does not use UV light. Unlike gel, which uses a UV light to cure each layer, dip is safer in its approach. UV light is harmful to the skin and poses a major health risk the more we’re exposed to it. Switching from gel to dip eliminates any health risks on that front.
  2. Dip lasts longer. Gel typically lasts around two weeks, whereas dip lasts around three weeks. Since it lasts longer, it needs to be redone less often, which saves money. Plus, doing your nails can be time consuming, so you’re also saving time.
  3. Dip is more durable. Dip is somewhat of a cross between acrylic and gel nails and carries the benefits of both. Like acrylics, dip is durable, but like gel, dip is flexible. This is the best-case scenario, as if the nail has no give, it’s more likely to break, but if it’s not strong enough, it will chip.
  4. Gel is more sanitary when it comes to nail salons. Even though we think dip is a better choice than gel, it’s not perfect. If you’re at a nail salon and dip is used without the necessary precautions (which, unfortunately, is often the case), bacteria may come in contact with the powder since numerous individuals stick their hands into the same pot of powder. Gel is brushed on like a traditional polish, so typically it’s more sanitary. However, if you’re doing dip at home or the salon uses the correct hygienic practices, then there is nothing to worry about with regard to sanitation!

When it comes down to it, we think dip is better than gel without a doubt. Dip lasts longer than gel, you’re able to avoid UV exposure, and the finished nail is both durable and flexible. However, it’s important that if you are using dip, it’s with powder that hasn’t been used prior by other patrons of a nail salon. As long as you keep sanitary practices in mind, dip nails are pretty much perfect!

April 19, 2021 — Fairy Glamor
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