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Now more than ever hygiene and sanitation are of utmost concern. Since dip powder is used most commonly within nail salons, which are public spaces, there has been concern as to whether or not dip powder is a sanitary way of getting your nails done. So is dip powder sanitary? This is an entirely valid concern, but unfortunately the answer isn’t yes or no- the answer is that it depends. Don’t worry though, we have everything you need to know.

  1. Yes, the dip powder itself is sanitary. This may seem obvious, so we’ll get it out of the way first. A fresh, untampered jar has no sanitation concerns. This is just a powder, and given that it involves no living organisms itself, dip poses no threat to hygiene or overall health.
  2. No, dip powder at a nail salon is not necessarily sanitary. It depends on the practices of the particular salon, but unless the powder is separated out for each customer, and the leftover is thrown away, then it’s going to be unsanitary. Most salons don’t partake in this practice, though- they use the same jar of powder for every customer. Allowing communal use of the same powder means possible bacteria growth, although some powders like Fairy Glamor include certain chemicals to prevent this.
  3. Some nail salons don’t even practice dip nails. Why? Because of sanitation concerns. It’s expensive and inconvenient to separate (and often throw away) dip powder for every patron, so that can be off the table. There are professionals feel that the potential risk of sharing the same powder communally is too great, so they avoid it altogether. This alone tells me that getting dip nails in public is probably a poor choice.
  4. Yes, dip powder at home is sanitary. You may have put this together already, but if you purchase and apply dip powder yourself, it’s completely sanitary. Dip powder and the necessary tools are readily available to the public, so you can get your own and do it yourself. This way you can ensure that you’re the only user- and that your hands are clean when using it.
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If you’re concerned with whether or not dip nails are sanitary, your worries are valid. Since you can never be quite sure that an establishment like a nail salon is practicing the right precautions, its best to avoid getting dip there. Gel, acrylics, and regular polish are all good options for when you treat yourself to a trip to the nail salon, but otherwise it’s best to do your dip nails at home.

April 19, 2021 — Fairy Glamor
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