What exactly are dip powder nails?

what are dip powder nails

Dip powder nails are a quick, long lasting method of applying nail color that is commonly used by professionals such as nail salons and technicians. Dipping powder can be applied either directly to the nail or a fake nail by using dip glue on the nail-bed then dipping the nail into the powder. The powder then sticks to the glue and forms a thick coat of color over your nail. The biggest difference in appearance between dipping powder and normal polish or gel is that dip powder looks and feels thicker on your nail, similar to acrylic systems.

When was dipping powder invented?

Dip nail powder was invented around 1990 by a popular nail company called SNS. It quickly grew in popularity for its long-lasting properties. It was much easier to apply than acrylic but lasted just as long. Dip nail powder was originally released for “professionals only” but was later released as a professional system that could be used by consumers.

What came first: acrylic or dipping powder?

Modern acrylic nails were invented in the late 1970s, much earlier than dip nail powder. Oddly enough, dentistry had a lot to do with the invention of acrylic powder. Dentists used a similar powder concoction to fix their patient’s teeth, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when a dentist patented the first ever acrylic nail system brand, Patti Nails.

Why are the benefits of dip powder nails over regular polish or gel?

Consumers and nail technicians fell in love with dip powder nails because of how affordable, easy, and long lasting they were. Dipping powder lasts as much as 10x longer than regular polish and 3x longer than gel. People loved that they could apply dip nails without needing to use harsh UV lights on their skin.

People that enjoy using acrylic nail powder at their nail salon typically love dip powder because it’s much easier for them to apply then trying to apply acrylic nails on their own hands. While acrylic nails are currently more popular than dipping powder, dip powder is picking up significant speed on the popularity charts.

How do you apply dip powder nails?

how to apply dip powder nails

Dip powder nails typically follow a simple step by step process. You start by applying your base liquid like you would a nail polish (glue), and then dip your finger in the powder. The powder bonds to the glue and hardens into even color. Brush off any excess powder that didn’t harden. Then apply activator liquid. Activator hardens the powder and helps quickly dry it out for the next coat. Wait a few seconds between each step. Once activator dries you can choose any top-coat you’d like to go over your dip nails, whether it be gel or matte. For a much more detailed tutorial you can follow our dip nail powder tutorial.

What color options are available for dip powder nails?

glitter dip powder nails

Dip nail powder comes in an infinite number of colors, finishes, and textures because of how it’s made. Different glitter shapes, sizes, and textures can also be added. Special dipping powders like chrome, holographic, color changing, and glow in the dark are also available. There’s a large variety of fun options to choose from. You can even mix two different dip powder colors to create an entirely new color. It’s popular to mix two different glitter colors to create a wild new powder.

Are dip powder nails safe?

are dip powder nails safe

Any dipping powder brands that use FDA approved ingredients are considered safe to use. Acrylic powder has been rigorously tested and is used all over the world. Many dipping powders also have anti-bacterial properties that prevent infection from sharing dip powder jars at nail salons and is non-toxic. It is recommended that you wear a mask over your nose and mouth when applying dip powder as the tiny particles, although safe, can be accidentally inhaled and bring discomfort such as coughing.

Will dip nail powder damage my nails?

will dip powder damage my nails

This is a common worry and misconceptions about acrylic powder and dip nails. The substances you apply to your nails do not damage the nail bed. What damages your nails is how strong a hold the glue or monomer has on your nail. The process of removing these strong, long lasting nails is what damages your nails. You can reduce nail damage by minimizing excess buffing and using safer method of removal such as warm water over acetone. Try to only use one nail set of dip powder a month and be safe and methodical when removing your nail color. If you need more help removing your nail powder, check our our tutorial on removing dip nails safely.

Should I try nail dipping powder?

try dip powder nails pink

Do you want longer lasting, frustration-free nails? Tired of your new nails chipping? Then you’d absolutely love dip nail powder! While dip nail powder is not as cheap as regular polish, in the long run you’ll be saving money by not having to apply new nail color every few days and save a lot of time. Once you have your liquid application set you can pick a 1 oz jar of dip nail color to try for only $13.95 and see how you like it. Application does take a bit of practice but after a few tries you’ll fall in love with the system and practicality of it.


We hope this helped you understand what dip powder nails are, where they come from, and help you decide if you should try them. We always encourage first time users to go to your favorite nail tech or nail salon and have the professionals apply your nail color, that way you can see how it’s done (the right way!) up close and in person.

What else do you know about dip powder that we didn't cover? Share in the comments! Thanks for reading and have a glamorous day.

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Dani good question I do not use a light for my dip but maybe the one you bought is not a dry itself top coat

Isabell said:

Melisa, you can just use dip on the natural nail but you can also use it in acrylic so that’s why is says that

Isabell said:

If you don’t want to damage the nail instead of picking off the dip use 100 percent accitone

Melisa said:

On the front of the container it says
dip & acrylic . Do I use it the same way I would if it was just acrylic?

Dani said:

It says a light isn’t necessary, so why do the instructors call for curing under the light?

Cynthia said:

I thought this was no U-verse light necessary???

Can I use regular top coat instead of yours as I do not
Want to use a U-verse light?

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