We've got a LOT of exciting new things coming to you guys this year and we're really excited to share them with you! Of course, we don't want to give away TOO much information... otherwise it won't be a surprise. But we want to talk a little about some upcoming changes (and new colors!) coming to Fairy Glamor.

alice in wonderland

Faster Restocks! More Options!

As many of you know, we've been handmaking our colors for a long time. But with how fast Fairy Glamor has grown we haven't been able to keep up with demand! This meant new colors were selling out within days (or even hours) and many of you had to wait far too long (months!) for an older color to come back in stock.

The super exciting news is... we've partnered with a factory to help us make our colors much faster. Our formula is staying the exact same and our powders are still filled by hand! We're just getting more "hands on deck" so to speak. This means colors will restock faster and we'll have more options for you to choose from in the near future. Spoiler alert... we'll be restocking over 80 out of stock colors within the next few months. Woo!

On a similar note, our dip nail subscription boxes will have limited stock in the future--we're getting help from our factory to make our powders ahead of time (instead of the week prior) which means we only have so many sub boxes available each month. But don't worry--if you already have a subscription, you're good! Sub boxes will only be limited for new subscriptions. And because we're making them ahead of time, this also means you'll get your boxes much more... on time! 

Speaking of colors... here's a sneak peek of a few of our upcoming collections! (Spoiler Alert)

  • May - Zodiac (first six months)
  • June - Zodiac (last six months)
  • July - Malibu 
  • August - 8-Bit Arcade
  • September - Whispering Woods
  • October - Ballroom of the Dead (Halloween)

*Collection names are subject to change!*

Thank you all for voting on our May/June collections. You may have seen a poll pop-up on the website and our social media accounts. Here were the results!

zodiac winning collection

*We did a vote for the May Collection and you guys voted for Zodiac! Floral was a close second.*

ballroom of the dead

I'm a huge geek so the 8-Bit Arcade Collection was a longg time coming and I'm particularly excited to show you guys that collection. It contains some pretty high-contrasting colors and a somewhat "glitchy" thermal glitter.

In the future we will be trying to balance out the glitter sizes in each collection--meaning we'll be doing 2 large glitter colors, 2 medium, 1 small, and one matte color. We know some people like the large glitters while others like the smaller glitters so we wanted to give everyone a good amount of options. I tend to personally like the chunkier glitters, so sometimes (or all the time...) can be biased towards them, haha. But we'll try to do better on getting a more versatile mix of sizes!

At the end of this year (or the start of next year) we will be switching from one collection release per month to two collections. Now that my time is (mostly!) freed up from filling jars, I'll be able to focus more energy on designing new collections. I'm really really excited about this because it's definitely my favorite part of running Fairy Glamor and it wouldn't be possible without YOU!! You're the best. Seriously.

New Jar Design

 bunbun glitter dip nail powder pink

We love to include you guys in our decision making. Your opinions matter the most! So we really appreciate everyone taking part in our jar design poll--we were trying to choose a new design going forward that felt more "clear" and cohesive. Over 76% of you chose the new jar design over the old design... so that's what we went with. You'll be seeing the new jar design when we have our big restock.

And more on the way...

We didn't want to spoil everything, but we're exited to share with you all this little update. We know many of you have been waiting for certain colors to restock for a very long time... well, the wait will be over soon (thermals...ahem...).

Do you like these little updates? They can take us a while to put together, but if you enjoy reading more about the inner-workings of Fairy Glamor, we're happy to share. So let us know what you think in the comments!

April 29, 2022 — Sydney Howe


Amanda said:

Exciting news! Looking forward to trying many of the beauties that have been out of stock. I’d love to see smaller containers, too. Perhaps even a small container variety pack? Thanks for sharing the good news!

Debbie B said:

Love the updates! You had me at thermals! Love all your colors and can’t wait to see the new ones! Please keep the great work!

Gloria said:

Love the updates!!!! I can’t wait for the big restock and new collections. I am especially excited about the 8-Bit Arcade

Kirsten said:

Love the new updates coming!! I would love to have smaller jar options available as well 😊

Debbie Wilson said:

Love the updates and especially the news. Can’t wait to see all the new colors and glitters and to order some of the colors that have been out of stock. Such great news for me, but happy to hear that you will have time for the parts of your business that you enjoy the most!

Dawn said:

Love the updates. Can’t wait for new and old colors 😍

sandi said:

Great news! Thanks for the update

Lisa said:

I love these update.I like the personal touch from a company. Your filling the jars localy right!?!?

Amy said:

Thank you for this awesome update! I love hearing about the behind the scenes at Fairy Glamor and the news. Can’t wait for some new colors and the old ones come back! :)

Deborah said:

I am glad to hear of improvements coming for the sub boxes too.

Jessica Bishop said:

Love this

Christina said:

I love the updates and how some out of stock colors are coming back is awesome!!! Thank you for the updates! Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Rachel said:

So excited for the update. Ive been looking for new colors and had to use my other brands. The other honestly don’t have as smooth an application and as rich of color. So please keep bringing the bright vibrant colors!

Diana Perez said:

So excited for all good news. I can’t wait to see new colors and old come back. 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞🤩

Shannon said:

So excited to hear about these changes – I can’t wait to buy some of the older colors when they restock. I have so many on my “wish list”!

Great news :)

Krissie said:

So excited for the future! Thanks for the updates!!

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