We know many of you have been waiting for colors to come back in-stock (several months, in some cases!). We're excited to share that within the next month, we'll be having a HUGE restock of over 100 different colors. We'll also be introducing TWO new collections (Zodiac Part 2, and Malibu) just in time for summer. So keep an eye out for our emails and SMS updates on the big news!

As for what colors will be restocked, here's a list of our restocking collections:

  • Fairy Dust
  • Bakery
  • Popstar
  • The Alchemist
  • Medieval
  • All Thermals
  • Celestial Cosmos
  • Mythical Creatures

Of course, we will have some of our other non-collection colors (such as our matte colors), and older holiday themed collection colors restocking as well. We'll let those be a surprise!


(Here's one of our new colors, to be released in a future collection. Bet you can't guess the collection!)

And I realize we mentioned this in a previous blog post, but we'll recap a little on what NEW collections you can expect within the upcoming few months.

  • June - Zodiac Part 2 + 4th of July mini collection.
  • July - Malibu
  • August - 8-Bit Arcade
  • September - Whispering Woods
  • October - Ballroom of the Dead (Halloween)

There's definitely been a lot of changes with Fairy Glamor this year, and we really appreciate all your patience with us (seriously, yal are always so sweet. You're the best!). These changes should help us get colors restocked much faster and get subscription boxes shipping out on time (we already have several months of sub box colors ready to go! They're SUPER cute). 

We hope to improve on a lot more things this year, such as: cute packaging/boxes for every order, video demonstration for every color, better social media content (social media overwhelms me, to be honest). Those are the priorities right now!


What do you think of the video demonstration? Is it useful? We occasionally get comments from people that it can be hard to tell what the color looks like in person, so we thought if we added a video, it would be more clear.

I think we covered everything we're working on right now! Which collection (new or old!) are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments!

June 03, 2022 — Sydney Howe
Tags: news


Krissy said:

I wish there was a notify me option on colors that are out of stock, but coming back.

Dawn said:

I would love to see Raspberry Pie come back

Lisa said:

So excited, love the video, I want all the collections

Carrie said:

I just received my first order and I’ve signed up for the monthly subscription box! I love the glitters so much! So excited for the new colors!

Natalie Horton said:

I loved the demo vid

RJ said:

Love the video..should do that for all of the color

Jamie Moore said:

Love love love! Video is great. Which color is that? Need! Excited for restocks and new collections!!!

Lindsay said:

I have loved your products since the first time I tried them. I currently have like 10 colors and with these new collections I’m looking forward to getting MANY more! You are AMAZING!!

Kayla said:

Love this!! Can’t wait!!

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