What is mermaid, unicorn, or pearl nail powder?

“Mermaid” nail powder comes with a ton of different names, which can easily confuse people as to what the product actually “is”. Mermaid nail powder is commonly referred to as unicorn nail powder, pearl, magical, holographic, chrome, fantasy, and more. Despite the different names, most mermaid nail powders have a similar, common theme: you rub the powder over any nail color and transform it into a beautiful holographic or chrome finish.

Are different versions of mermaid/unicorn powder the same exact product?

No! This is a common misconception. Powders vary greatly because they provide different sheens or “finishing” colors. Some mermaid powders give a more ‘neon’ finish. Some are more pastel. Some are holographic, or rainbow. Some are chrome/mirror. Some can be used as a dipping powder or acrylic powder. Some can only be used as a rub on finish. Some come in small 1g pouches, some in large 15g containers. There’s a ton of different options out there!

What’s the difference between mermaid/unicorn powder and regular chrome/holographic powder?

The difference between mermaid nail powder and other holo/chrome powders is that mermaid nail powder alters the original nail color and can be used on a wide variety (pretty much any!) nail color. Many normal holographic and chrome nail colors can only be used over a dark nail color base, like black. If you like versatility, mermaid nail powder is a great color to add to your collection!

How to apply mermaid nail powder.

We’ve filmed this video for you to follow along and created an easy step by step photo tutorial to follow, just in case you’re more of a visual learner.

Step 1. Apply your base nail color

blue mermaid nail powder

You can use gel, dip powder, acrylic powder, nail polish, any type of nail color you want. Mermaid powder can go over any color you can think of, including pinks, reds, blues, dark colors, light colors.. even mixed colors. You can even apply it over glitters (yes, that’s a thing! We’ll make a tutorial for that, too).

Step 2. Apply a no-wipe gel top coat over your base nail color.

no wipe gel top coat for mermaid nails

Make sure it’s a no-wipe top coat! It won’t work otherwise. The tricky step here is to cure the gel so that it’s slightly sticky still, and not completely smooth. If you cure the gel too much, the mermaid powder won’t properly stick and give you that gorgeous shiny finish you’re looking for.

Step 3. Rub the powder on

rub on mermaid nail powder

Take your powder and gently rub it over your nail color. It should go on immediately and you’ll see the effect happen instantaneously. Wipe off any excess powder with a soft brush.

Step 4. Seal with any gel top coat

mermaid nail powder seal with gel top coat

After you’ve rubbed the powder on, you have to seal it with a top coat if you want it to stay. I prefer a gel top coat because I find it’s thick enough to not “wipe” away the powder. You want to apply your top coat gently so that you don’t rub the powder away.

Below we've added a few color examples. See how the powder can be used on all different colors.

 blue mermaid nail powder

white unicorn mermaid nail powder

Pink mermaid nail powder holographic

mermaid magic dip nail powder rub on

And you’re done! It’s really easy to create stunning nail designs with mermaid nail powder. It really adds a fancy, shimmery touch to any manicure. And it’s so versatile, too!

Are you looking for your own mermaid nail powder? Fairy Glamor sells mermaid powder in a hugeee jar! You can find it here: Mermaid Magic Nail Powder. Have you tried mermaid or unicorn nail powder? How did it go? Let us know in the comments!


February 16, 2021 — Fairy Glamor
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