Dip Starter Kit

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Quickly apply your dip nails with our quick-dry dip nail powder starter kit. Bond & base acts as an adhesive for our powder that will leave your nails feeling natural and lightweight. You won't even notice you have powder on! Our quick-dry formula lets you quickly apply base & bond, dip into powder, and then apply base & bond again a few seconds later. No more waiting a full minute to apply the next dip coat.

Be sure to check out our dip nail powder tutorial on how to apply your new dip nail color.

Note: Our gel top coat requires a UV light. If you don't want to use a UV light, you can apply "Base & Bond" as a top coat and then use "Activator" to cure it.

  • Name: Dip Starter Kit (5 Set)
  • Use: Dip Powder Nail Application
  • Size: 15 ml/ea
  • Included: Base & Bond, Activator, Gel Top
    • Add a touch of fairy magic to your nails with our revolutionary Fairy Glamor system. See some of our amazing benefits and why our customers love us!

      2 IN 1 DIP & ACRYLIC SYSTEM: We've created a powder that works with both dip and acrylic systems. Use our Fairy Glamor Dip Starter Kit to apply our powder by dipping, or use a monomer liquid and apply the powder as a soft acrylic. 

      3-5 WEEKS OF COLOR: Say 'no more!' to thick, heavy dip powder applications that fall off within days. Our unique lightweight formula clings better to monomer and dipping glue (base & bond) leaving you with nail color that lasts for weeks. 

      QUICK DRY: Our system saves nail technicians and salon owners precious time; no more waiting a full minute to apply the next dip coat! Fairy Glamor's revolutionary dip system utilizes a quick dry base & bond formula that dries in seconds. Now you can dip, apply base & bond, and dip again almost instantly. 

      UNIQUE COLOR OPTIONS: We work directly with our manufacturer to create unique colors and glitter blends that you can't find anywhere else. We're constantly on the hunt for new color ideas and love working with our customers to create nail colors that YOU want. Sign up to our newsletter to participate in the occasional "vote for our next color" survey! 

      USA BRAND: Fairy Glamor is located in Galveston, Texas. All orders are shipped out of our home and personally packaged. Fairy Glamor is a small family-run business and we work very hard to provide you a personal touch that can only come from a small business. If you have any questions you can contact us anytime at info@FairyGlamor.com.

      If you're new to dip powder nails and need some help, check out our blog for dip nail tutorials, ideas, and design inspiration. Happy nail crafting!

      Special thank you to @sassy_lassy_22 for letting us share her gorgeous nail design using colors Fairy Dust Forest, Mood Green to Dark Green, and our dip starter kit!

      Dip Nail Tutorial

      To apply your nail powder using the dip method, you'll need to use our dip liquid kit.

      Need more help? Click here to view our more in-depth dip nail tutorial.

      Step 1. Lightly buff your nail beds.

      Step 2. Wipe your nail surface clean.

      Step 3. Apply dip base liquid to your nail.

      Step 4. Dip your finger at a 45 degree angle into the powder.

      Step 5. Leave your finger for 2-5 seconds.

      Step 6. Slowly lift your finger out of the jar.

      Step 7. Brush away excess powder.

      Step 8. Apply nail activator to seal the powder.

      Step 9. Apply dip top coat and cure with Activator or Cure & Dry.

      Step 10. If you're using a gel top coat, cure with LED/UV lamp.


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      International orders are shipped ecommerce DHL and can take anywhere from 8-20 days to arrive. Please note that our dip liquids are regulated in some countries and cannot be shipped overseas due to flammability. Thank you for your understanding.


      We accept all returns within 30 days of purchase. For more information please visit our Refund Policy Page.

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