Mermaid Magic

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  • Color: Mermaid Magic
  • Type: Dip and Acrylic Nail Powder
  • Size: 28g (1 oz)
  • Finish: Mirror

Create happier, healthy nails with Fairy Glamor's long lasting dip and acrylic powders. Our unique artisan colors are lightweight but strong, and last five times longer than polish without chipping or breaking. 

Save time doing your nails and apply in minutes with our simple 3-step dip starter kit. Just apply our base polish, then your finger into the powder, cure, and you're done! Need more help? Check out our more detailed tutorial below.

2 IN 1 FORMULA: Works with both dip and acrylic systems.

LONG LASTING: Wear your color for 3-5 weeks without chips or breaks.

40+ MANICURES: Get over 40 manicures in every 1oz jar.

ARTISAN COLORS: Unique colors that you can't find anywhere else.

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Dip Tutorial


All you need to apply your nail powder is our Dip Liquid Kit. Each kit contains a base polish, cure polish, and a top coat. It’s fun and easy to apply!

  1. Apply base polish to your nail.
  2. Dip finger into powder.
  3. Brush off excess powder.
  4. Apply “cure & dry” polish.
  5. Apply base polish to create a shiny top coat.
  6. Apply “cure & dry” polish over base. This hardens the top coat.

And you’re done!

Salon-quality Nails at Home

Transform your nails in minutes with our beginner-friendly dip liquid kit. It’s safe to use on your natural nails and contains healthy vitamins and minerals to help strengthen and protect.

Long Lasting Color

Create gorgeous salon nails for a fraction of the price and wear for up to 5 weeks without any chips or breaks.

3-in-1 Formula

Our lightweight powders make it easier than ever to design beautiful, glossy manicures. Use our versatile formula to apply as a dip or acrylic, or even for sculpting.

Designed by Hand

Every Fairy Glamor color is hand-designed in Galveston, Texas. Choose from over 200+ unique artisan shades you won’t find anywhere else.


We design unique 3-in-1 dip and acrylic nail powders in Galveston, Texas. We're a 100% family owned business that was founded in 2020. We believe in both quality and affordability--that's why our powders are used in both nail salons and in homes. Every color is hand-designed to give you gorgeous manicures that'll make your nails feel magical again.