How to Prep Nails for Dip Powder

 How to Prep Nails for Dip Powder

Nail prep is as, if not more important as the actual dip application. Skimping out on nail prep can ruin your perfectly dipped nails or only have them last you a few days instead of the average 3-5 week period. So how exactly should you be prepping your nails for dip powder?


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October 12, 2021 — Fairy Glamor
how to do french tips with dip powder

How to do French Tips with Dip Powder

Nail dipping powder is a straightforward process when you want one color covering the entire nail, but what about when you want something more fun, like French nail tips? 
September 24, 2021 — Fairy Glamor
shiny and glossy purple dip powder nails

How to Make Dip Powder Shiny and Glossy

Whether you are a dip powder beginner or an expert manicurist, you might be struggling with unusually matte, cloudy/foggy, or just dull dip nails. Of course, Matte has its time and place, but when you want your nails to shine "bright like a diamond," they should be glossy!
September 10, 2021 — Fairy Glamor
how to apply chunky glitter to dip nails tutorial

How to Apply Chunky Glitter Dip Nail Powder

Have you ever seen a photo of somewhere wearing these gorgeous, glittery dip nails and wondered how the heck they manage to apply it? Well, you’re in the right place! We’re going to teach you step by step on how to apply chunky glitter dip nails with a few tips and tricks along the way.
July 27, 2021 — Fairy Glamor